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Ten Marketing Tips for WritersI am working on an e-book on this topic.  Writers find it very difficult to promote themselves and their work/s – that is, outside of their circle of friends.

At one time in my varied career I ran a networking group for women in small business, and I was always ‘paranoid’ about one topic – and I still am.  Business Cards.  I actually believe that everyone would benefit by having a card with their details on it – ok, if you are not in business we can call the card a ‘name card’ or ‘contact card’.

Writers will find that these are probably the most powerful (and inexpensive) tool that you can have in your ‘arsenal’ of toys and tools to promote your business.

Once upon a time it was costly and time-consuming to create quality business cards, but these days it is easier and cheaper.  By all means work with your local printer (and I suggest that you get quotes and compare various offers) but I find that Vistaprint is excellent for the price.

A must have for all writers is a card with

  • your name
  • qualifications if relevant
  • your logo or photo (or cover of your book)
  • best contact details – including mailing address (use a post box if you wish to keep your street address private)
  • phone numbers (just a mobile number is adequate)
  • your email address
  • your website or blogsite address.
  • something about you, your blog, or what you write about.
  • if you have a book available for sale – you might put a link or details of where to purchase it on the reverse side.
I have one that I love – and when people read it, it usually results in a smile, or questions.
It describes me as “Writer, Traveller, Camera Addict, Bamboo Fan and Workshop Presenter”.  I tend to like a little humour if I can put it on my card and not surprisingly it can be a conversation starter.   I am often asked about writing, travelling, my camera and photography and about bamboo!!
There is a lot that writers can do to get more publicity.   I have spoken on, and written about this.  But to start your marketing, download the Ten Marketing Tips for Writers to get started.

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