Recently I have been collating much of the memorabilia that I have collected over the last 70 years.  I have much of my parents’ documents too, hoping that one of my descendants is prepared to look after it.

I find amazing things and relive many details of my life – as I did today.  I found a little booklet which I used when I was working in Sydney in 1974.  I was a registered nurse and a mother of two little children, but managed to work, on night duty in private homes and nursing homes.  I kept this little booklet where I would complete the details of my night’s work and send it by post to Gordon Trained Nurses’ Club, the agency who found me work.

You can see I worked from 9 pm  to 7 am for a whole $68.50.  I remember the job well.  The patient was a young woman, maybe in her 30’s that had some surgery.  I didn’t get a lot of information about her and had little to do, but sit with her overnight.  Sitting next to her all night in the half light – not enough light to read or do anything.  I just had to sit there and help her if she needed it.  She slept all night, and I confess that I fell asleep at one stage too – sitting bolt upright beside her.

When the day staff appeared I questioned them about the need for a “special nurse” as I felt that I was wasting their money.  I then learned that on a couple of nights she had become very aggressive during the night and had tried to kill the night nurse.  Mmm..  I wonder why they didn’t tell me before I sat with her!!!

Anyway I survived and so did she.


I found an old photo too – I think this was taken in my first year of training.


I wish I had kept a lot more of my photos and documents, but there is enough to piece together my 70 years.  Again I hope that at least one family member keeps this.  I am writing my own story – so these photos and document help with some detail and remind me of many events in my life.



The above photo is one I treasure.  It was taken in 1969 – my mother had brought my grandmother to Warrnambool in Western Victoria to meet my daughter.  I recall that when they arrive, I stood welcoming in the doorway with my little daughter in my arms, and Nanna walked straight past and took no interest in my little girl.  I said something like “Don’t you want to say hello to my baby.”  She replied rather sternly something like “seen one, seen them all!”  I had about 20 or so cousins and they had children, so I guess it didn’t surprise me.  But Janet sat on her knee, while my mother and I stood at the back.


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  1. Haven’t seen you at TSU, Di. Hope all is well.

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