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The Book Shop – the story written by Penelope Fitzgerald

Now I am on Bribie Island house sitting, I am close to the Movie Theatre and last night went to see the movie The Book Shop, based on the novel by Penelope Fitzgerald.  I must say that I had not seen the trailer, but any movie with “book” or “writing” in the title entices me to see it.

It was a 5 pm session, which worked well for me last night.   There were maybe 20 in the small theatre (I didn’t count, so that’s a guess).  Many reacted through the theatre as funny bits occurred and the movie ended when we all thought there would be more to the story.

Penelope Fitzgerald.jpg

Penelope Fitzgerald – Courtesy of Wikipedia

The book is one of many written by Penelope Fitgzerald, who was born in 1916, and died in 2000. She “was an English Booker Prize-winning novelist, poet, essayist and biographer.In 2008, The Times included her in a list of “the 50 greatest British writers since 1945”.[2] In 2012, The Observer named her final novel, The Blue Flower one of “the ten best historical novels“.[3]

I didn’t do any research beforehand, but you can if you wish, as Wikipedia has a short article about the story – click here.

I confess I hadn’t heard of her before – but will now see if I can find one of her books in the library or a book shop.

Watch the trailer here.

The movie didn’t end the way the audience clearly wanted it to – and there were gasps at the end.

What’s Coming? More Mamma Mia.

Mamma Mia Here We Go Again is due to start at the local theatre in the next few weeks.  I loved the original Mamma Mia movie and love ABBA songs, so this is another one I must go to.

I felt the audience last night were tapping to the amazing music and it does look like a great movie.

The next must see movie is The Book Club.

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