Do You go to Movies Alone?

UBC – Day 14

It started a long time ago, when doing shift work, that I learned to enjoy my own company when going to the movies alone.

Why go to the movies alone?

When I look back, it has been some 50 years that I have been doing it, though there have been a dozen or two occasions when I went with someone.  For a start, I am very choosy about the movies I see. I avoid violent films, see few animated ones.  When I went with my husband it was always difficult choosing a film that we both liked!!

As well as doing shift work (I was a registered nurse), in fact, did full-time night duty often. Also,  my husband was often away on business, and in the last 8 years, I have been on my own anyway.

Have you ever tried to get a friend or family member to go to the movies with you?  Date/time and choice of a movie can be tricky.  It is just easier to do it when I want to.

These days as I am house sitting, I am moving around and living in different regions, so not many friends are local to me.  I usually go during the daytime, especially as I don’t enjoy being out at night on my own.  I set myself a program of work to do and can reward myself, by going to the movies alone.   Food and drink are usually not on my agenda for the movies, am just happy to take myself and tissues (I often cry during a movie).

The best movie I have seen recently on the big screen is The Greatest Showman, with Hugh Jackman, and I am likely to go and see it again.  Queen of the Desert I watched on my laptop.  The latter is good as I can pause when I need to.  In fact, I watched it in two “sittings”.

Do you like going to the movies on your own?


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