Murtle’s Refurb…

On the Road Again

Should I get Murtle refurbished? I bought Murtle the Turtle several months before I set off for the journey to the Red Centre of Australia.   I had little time in her – and still am learning about some of the knobs and features.  I did drive it for 7500 kms and returned home safe and sound.

Before I departed I went to a Motor Mechanic and had things checked.  I felt somewhat confident – but knew all along that something could go wrong.  And of course, it did.  I made it to Alice Springs without any problems, but then things changed.

Today I went back to the Motor Mechanic that did the check before I left – and I am going to get him to check on a few things and maybe fix a few.  I have quite a list.

Initially, I am wanting to make sure Murtle is mechanically sound – that is the priority.  Over the next few weeks, I will decide what I want to do with Murtle.  There are some things about her that really are an issue for me.

Manual Transmission.

I learned on a manual car and can manage the gears, but Murtle can be a challenge especially going up hills.  I nearly freaked out going up the Toowoomba Range!!!!  In fact Murtle stalled – briefly.  I got her going again very quickly.  My preference is for automatic transmission – but it will not be happening under my watch.  Murtle will remain manual – but does that mean I will need to look at another vehicle?

Driver Comfort

Actually, while I am driving I am comfortable.  I love being high up and having a wonderful vision of my surroundings.  But getting in and out of the driver’s seat is a problem for me. My legs are too long, and I do have some pain in them and my feet.

Checking Oil and Water

The engine is between the driver and passenger seats.  I have to move the driver’s seat forward – almost cutting my legs in half!  Then there is some contortion for me – as it is not easy removing the “lid”  and accessing the engine.  I’m too old for it.  It is not easy for me.

I’ll get the Engine checked and a few other things, and ponder what I will do.  Will I endeavour to rectify the issues?  Are they impossible and/or too expensive?

So I have a few decisions to make over the next few weeks.

Wait and see.



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