My Orchid Story

Orchids?  Doesn’t every body love them?   This is My Orchid story.

As it turns out I have become a hobby grower of orchids – but not that many now – but  I still love them.  Some of them are easy to grow – others not so.  I have a range of orchids.

The Cymbidiums are most precious to me.  And I came by them originally around 1973 – and still have some of those that survived all those years.  This is the story of how they came into my life.

When we moved to Sydney in that year, we rented a house at Chatswood.  If I recall correctly the owners were going overseas for 6 months.  The lady of the house had a huge collection of Cymbidiums under the trees in the back yard and was worried they would not survive while she was away.  I’ve always loved gardens and did my best to keep them alive and healthy.  Really, all I did was water them regularly!


A close up of my orchid.

We moved out to another house when the 6 months was up, and the lady called me and asked us to visit.  She was so thrilled that the orchids were alive and healthy that she gave me around 10 pots of them.  Amazing.  That is really when my orchid story commenced.


The plant

In the ensuing years as we moved to Brisbane, then back to Sydney for a while and returned to Brisbane and have had several moves since then, my orchids came with me.  In fact, I did expand the collection, but while I was overseas some died.  I now have about 6 pots and they have not flowered much in recent years.

Recently I have started to take more care of them and have read a few articles on Dr Google.  Here is one from Tesselaar Bulbs and another from Collectors Corner.

When I was planning my recent trip south, I could see the two flower spikes in the pot and hoped that they would survive and flower when I returned, and they did exactly that.

The flowers above are the result.  It is an awesome display.  Of course I enjoy taking photos of my orchids.

There is another spike poking through – and now I am inspired to make them all flower.

I am even looking at buying some more.

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