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Search Engine Optimization.  As someone who writes content at times for websites – mainly my own, and a couple of not-for-profits as well as Weekend Notes, I know I should learn more about SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is something that in some ways is a bit of a mystery.  With all the writing workshops and website meetings that I have attended, there has been little reference to it.  Other than, that it is important.  I was at a WordPress Meet-Up the other day, and requested that in one of the future meetings, that SEO be on the agenda.  Perhaps the January meeting will be focused on


Yoast Plugin

I do use Yoast – a plugin, which does an assessment of one’s writing, where there is a list of items to check when you complete your post or page.  But I need to know more.  I have read several articles, but I found this Wikihow one to be of value.  At least I understand it. Perhaps I need to Pro version of Yoast, but at the moment I will use the FREE version.

Guest Blogging

On occasions, I have been asked to provide a guest blogger for a website.  It is easy enough with my contacts to find someone who is willing to do the work, but I have found that I have had to edit it.  Generally, writers are not familiar with SEO.

Understanding SEO is beneficial.   Mostly it is a technique used in website management to gain more traffic and higher ranking in search engines.  It helps gain more readers too, of course.


The use of keywords, is one issue.  Keeping sentences short – or at least not more than 20 words in sentences.  Using subheadings is important. Short paragraphs.  Each article should have appropriate hyperlinks too.  And there’s more.  The Wikihow article is excellent. Read an article on keywords here.

I am currently helping some writers complete some content writing.  Experience has shown me that many writers do not understand the value of SEO.   It is not something that is important to other writing.

Maybe after January, I will be more knowledgeable and perhaps can be more confident chasing content writing work.

I recommend this article on Wikihow.

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