New Year Plans 2020

What does 2020 Hold For Me? – I Have New Year Plans

I am working on my New Year Plan 2020. There’s no doubt 2019 has been a challenging year for me. Some great highs, some low lows.  I have been living in a modern unit in a northside (of Brisbane) seaside suburb.  I was happy for the first few months, but things changed here.  Unpleasant tenants, drugs, a “half-way” house opposite which has regular shouting foul arguments.  The property not cleaned. Some facilities unusable and so on.  So I have chosen to return to my old “stamping ground”.

Getting affordable accommodation in Australia is not easy.  I’ve been given the “run-around” by real estate agents and housing organisations.  The units/apartments I have visited to see if they are suitable have been disappointing.  How anyone can think that certain living conditions are suitable, I don’t know.

I am sure I will find something to suit.  But time is ticking and I have to make a decision in a couple of days or extend my lease here.

Lack of Affordable Housing in Australia

I’ve written about this before and don’t plan to add to it now.  But it does make life difficult.  I know others that are having similar experiences to me.  Sadly our federal and state governments are not acting quickly to resolve this problem.  I will continue my work in 2020 to lobby for more affordable housing.

Sunflowers are growing in the garden of an apartment below mine.

Sunflowers growing beneath my balcony. Taken by me with my Olympus Camera.

New Year Plans 2020

In the middle of January, I will be doing a course via Zoom from an education facility in Canada.  It does require me to get up very early every Friday morning for 9 weeks.  Not sure how that goes, but that is the plan.  My plans for 2020 are based on completing this course so that I am qualified to run similar ones in Australia.

By New Year’s Eve, I will have listed my plans for 2020 – still working on them.   Some “dot points” which I will have elaborated on by January are:

  • Education and Training January – March
  • Completely “renovate” my two websites in January 2020
  • Start New Business in March
  • Travel to China – possible
  • A long motor drive – in Australia – possible
  • Train to Mackay and stay a few days – possible
  • Expand my Speaking Business
  • Book Publishing Plan
  • Guest Blogger Plan
  • Spend more time with family members
  • Earn more $$$$$’s

And I will add some more.  The Action Plan will be documented by January 2, 2020.

Guest Bloggers

In 2020 I will be inviting bloggers to be Guest Bloggers.  Anone who is reading this, who may be interested in being a guest blogger on one of my sites, can you please contact me via the Contact Form.  I am intereseted in writers writing about their topics, book, interests, or interesting life stories.  I will send instructions re my requirements for the guest blogger.  Articles/posts  will need to be around 300 words.  I will be focusing on Australians at this time.










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