Oh, the Van…..

Preparing the Van

I am still sorting out the van.  It’s hard because I have been house sitting and am due to do some more starting next weekend.  So, it is hard to prepare for life on the road.

The bed has been an issue for me.  I have tried using the two pieces of timber that my son-in-law created and it is the most comfortable of the beds, but takes up too much space and I am not as happy with it as I would have expected.

Tonight I try one of the single beds – I have discovered that one of the beds is slightly wider, and now I have curtains in the van (though not all the new ones I am hoping to get finished soon.)

I bought two small plastic lidded storage boxes – to replace some without lids that cause me some issues.

The stove works well – though I confess I have only used it to heat water. I have to take it out to the fold-up table, but happy with it.  So far.    I will have to practice actually cooking something.  But I can change the gas and get it going.

Some of the “excess” food I had when I moved into it, has been eaten, and I have learned how to manage some other issues.

I still have to learn to manage the water, and the power, and get a new Clipsal bit for the back of the van.  Still learning.

House Sit at Gold Coast

For almost a week I will be at Hemmant at my daughter’s place, and next weekend I will head to the Gold Coast to house sit for 3 weeks.

After that, I will be back in the van and doing the final preparation for the trip to Alice Springs, and

the camp with the other Rollers in August.  What an adventure it will be.






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