On the Goldie

I have never been a great fan of the Gold Coast, Queensland.  I don’t mind visiting, but have seldom enjoyed staying here and wouldn’t live here.

This week’s stay has not changed my mind.  I have only spent 3 nights here – just 3 weeks to go!!!

Terrible Traffic

What don’t I like?  Oh, there’s a list.  Traffic is one.  Last night I had to take young miss to Soccer training at Nerang.  6 pm.  Despite leaving with plenty of time, we didn’t get there until 6.20 pm.  The traffic was horrific.  There was some police activity – don’t know why, but it was just so chaotic!!

Traffic is two!!  So many people live here – the roads are always busy.

Dirty is three!  Is it just me?  I see so much rubbish around the place.  Oh, I know, there is a lot of public littering all around these days, but for our major tourist spot, I am surprised at the high level of rubbish.

I do know that the city is preparing for the Commonwealth Games next year, hence the building frenzy, road works, and extension of the rail tramway to Helensvale.  I’ve not had a ride on the tram yet.  Will hopefully do so this week.

The apartment leaves a lot to be desired.  I must have lights on during daylight as well as night.  There is little natural light that comes IN the building.  Oh, and you can’t hang your washing out.  Despite having to “outdoor” areas, washing must not be seen.  So one must have a drying machine.  Oh, how I love the sun to land on my washing and

The maintenance leaves a lot to be desired too.  Downstairs in the car parking area it is smelly, dirty, rusty, crappy.


I have a little crazy story I tell.  It’s about red cars.  Did you know they like to park together.  I know, you think I am crazy, but now I have told you, look around and see what does in fact happen.  My car is red, so I know about these cars.

Here are three parked out of the front of the units here at Southport.  Yes, mine is the one closest.



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