Ooops. No Posts.

OK, I have been told.  Again and again actually.  I try to do too much and then don’t manage to do all on my massive To Do List.

My last post was about my first day in China, in December 2015.  I did not update.  I did have a wonderful time in China at the wedding, and returned safely to Brisbane, (despite a day of air chaos in China as a result of major pollution), albeit 12 hours later than planned.

Now it is just over a week before I return to China for another wedding.  I am extremely stressed as I have heaps to do before I leave.

I will be longer in China this time and not sure where I am staying.  I am apparently staying with a family in Shaoxing (arranged by my friends at Yuexiu University), and then I go to Cixi, and understand from the bride that she has an appartment for me in that city – near where she lives.  A lot of things I do not know about my trip this time, which is of some concern, as I am usually very well organised before I travel.Wedding of Sam

The above photo was taken by me at the December wedding.  It was an amazing event.  You can read some of my other blog posts here.

I acknowledge that it is almost the end of the first month of 2016, and I had planned to be more organised than I am right now.  February will be somewhat of a write-off as I leave home on 5th February, to fly to China on the 6th from Coolangatta, and I return on February 23rd, with, I understand, the new bride and her groom, who may be staying with me for a couple of weeks.

I think 2016 for me, will start around March for me.  And as I am not taking a laptop with me, I am nor sure if I will be able to do any posts from China.

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