Catching Up

I have been overwhelmed. I seem to have been in a “fog” since my return from the journey to the centre.  No doubt driving 7500 kms in 6 weeks can throw you into a fog when it is all over.  I have had so much to do on my return, and slowing wading through the list has been difficult.  At last, though I have caught up, to some degree.

A number of folk have asked me to write articles and I am behind in my commitment to Weekend Notes, 

I have written an article today, so am hoping it will be published soon.  I’ve submitted other articles too, but have quite a challenging list to get done too.

Looking at a Tiny House

Yesterday, I drove to the Gold Coast (south of Brisbane) to see a tiny house that a friend of a friend is building.  The Tiny House movement is worldwide now, with a large number of developments in Australia.  (The photo below is not indicative of what is going on in Australia.)

There are several definitions of a tiny house – but essentially these are small houses that are often seen as an option for young couples who want to save up to buy their own home, or for seniors.

Sadly I don’t have any photos of the excellent house I saw at Labrador.  I did not have my camera, but I will get some photos one day.  I was so impressed by the workmanship and the interior decor.  IF I was looking at such a house for myself, I would definitely go and take a closer look and/or negotiate to have one made.

Issues to Work On

There were things that I have issues with.  To qualify to have such a building on a plot of land, it must be completely mobile.  That is, it must have wheels and some form of toilet that does not require to be connected to the sewerage system.  The building yesterday had a “porta-potti”.  I have one in my van.  They are not always easy to empty – they can be heavy and awkward and one should empty them in a toilet or dump point.  I’d question whether it was doable for an older person or someone with health/disability issues.

One of my biggest issues though is where the tiny house is going to be based.  If one puts it on a family plot, will the person living in the van be lonely?  These days many families are so busy with work, sport, children’s activities and such that there is little time for the family to keep up the regular communication.

Also, the family need to determine a procedure for checking on the senior person, especially if he/she is living in the tiny house alone.

The photo above shows steps up to the house – again, something that has to be considered for older folk.

There are issues to work out to ensure the safety of the person in the tiny house.

I’m not feeling so overwhelmed at the moment.




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