OWN – Older Women’s Network

What is OWN?

It is a national organisation for Older Women – this is on the Queensland website.  There are branches of the Older Women’s Network  in New South Wales and Queensland.  I have been a member of the Woody Point branch for three years and attended two of their annual conferences.  I will be going to Conference 2019 at Gympie.

OWNQ is part of a worldwide network looking after the needs & interests of older women. OWN (Australia) was formed in 1985 and OWN (Queensland) was incorporated in 1993.

Recently, I attended the first official meeting of the new Bribie Island Branch of the Older Women’s Network. .  It has a wonderful group of enthusiastic members.  A great speaker telling the story of her domestic violence issue.   If anyone on Bribie reads this and wants to join, go to this website and make contact with the Brisbane office and find out details.

It Could be You

The New South Wales Older Women’s Network members are  involved in the issue of affordable housing for older women.  I am pleased to have a copy of the publication “It Could be You”   Female, Single, Older and Homeless, a study done by Ludo McFerran.

It is a project close to my heart. We all need affordable, safe, comfortable housing. I left my husband after 43 years of marriage. The details of my challenging marriage are private. Like many women left on their own without adequate finances, I have had to deal with many issues on my own.

We know, and the research shows, that life can change overnight –  because of a death, illness, or  marriage breakup.  Women live longer then men and earn less during their working life. Many do not have superannuation.  It is a big issue in Australia, and it is something that the NSW branch is working on.

If any readers are in South Australia, Victoria or Western Australia, and interested in getting a branch in their home town or suburb, contact the OWN NSW for assistance.

Gunabul Homestead

The annual conference of the Qld branches will  be held at Gunabul Homestead in Gympie.  I am looking forward to seeing this property.

I love older buildings so I will certainly be taking photos when I get there!!

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