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Over the past few days, I have given great thought to the issue of safety for solo senior women and their safety.  I’ve talked with people and done research online.  As a result, I have some advice for women who live alone, and perhaps do not have any family member or friend to keep in touch with them.

Four Things to Do!

  1. Neighbourly – Next of Kin.  Make contact with your neighbours.  If you feel that they are trustworthy, you can discuss with them about checking up on you.  Is there a way, you can let them know that you are alive?  Perhaps it is something you do to let them know each day that you are alive and well. It might be to phone them, or knock on their door.  Work out something that is not going to be a challenge for both of you.  Give them details of your next of kin too.
  2. Keys.  Who do you know locally that you can trust with a spare key to your home?  You can get a low-cost key safe, and leave it outside your home.  Bunnings have some great key safe’s for less than $25!  Give your password to someone you trust, and if necessary put their contact details on paper and leave with your key safe, but put it in a plastic bag.
  3. Red Cross – The Red Cross has a program where they make a phone call every morning to people who are alone and are registered with them.  Please check here for details about this service.
  4. Rotary and Lions Medical Information Booklet – As part of their community service these organisations distribute these booklets which are in a plastic pocket with magnets.  With details of your next of kin, health issues and medication, it is attached to the refrigerator, so that in an emergency the information is easily accessed.  Not alll Lions or Rotary Clubs are involved in the program.  Contact your local Lions or Rotary, or check here.

Emergency Alarms

There are a variety of  Emergency Alarms on the market – though most are expensive, especially those with 24-hour services.  There is quite a range available.  Check here for details of LiveLife Alarm.  It is quite expensive to purchase, but no ongoing costs.

I have had a watch with an emergency alarm, which, if I press a button, will advise my two offspring, and it will give the GPS coordinates.  I instructed them to phone me first, but if they could not contact me, give the GPS details to 000.

If you know someone who lives alone, why not discuss with them, how to keep them safe!  Can you help them?

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