Planning the Move

Moving to Deception Bay

Moving is progressing. Yesterday I completed some more documents and collected the keys to the unit at Deception Bay, just north of Brisbane.  It is not far as the crow flies from Beachmere, where I am now.  It is close to the waterfront – with Moreton Bay right on the doorstep. Almost literally.  I don’t like moving, but am looking forward to this move.

D'Bay - from the waterfront.

Deception Bay with the Glasshouse Mountains in the background.

I walked around the unit, trying to work out where my furniture would fit.  It is much smaller than where I lived in Beachmere, and I may have to “surrender” some of my things.  One thing that I hadn’t calculated before is how my washing machine will fit into the laundry alcove.  I have a concern that the washing machine will be too tall – as there is a clothes dryer attached to the wall.

No View

My unit is actually on the third floor – and the view is pretty ordinary.  It looks inland over some housing.  It won’t be something that I will enjoy looking at, but there are other benefits.  The building is behind another building, which blocks out any view of the sea, but it also protects us from the wild winds that come in from the sea.

Metres to the Sea

I’ll just have to walk a few metres (or ride my bike) to the waterfront.  There’s seating, shade and a BBQ – and I am sure I will spend some time there.  (I have to work out how to use the BBQ) but it all looks good to me.

By the Bay

Picnic Area at D’Bay

Pro’s and Con’s

Unless one builds one’s own home, the chances of getting a perfect home are limited.  I like so many things about the unit.  There are some things that will annoy me.  One is the main door is just a wooden door – I am unlikely to leave it open to get cooler air in, and would love a security door.  Maybe I can negotiate to get one.

The main bedroom is quite small – I’m sure I will fit my bed in, but there’s not much more space.  Will there be room for my small tv in the bedroom?   Not sure.

There is a

dishwasher – Tick

clothes dryer – Tick

Balcony – Tick

Ensuite – Tick

Second bedroom – Tick

Second bathroom – Tick

Rubbish bins – Tick    (I don’t have to put the bin/s out each week!)

Swimming Pool – Tick

Handy to shopping centre – Tick

Lovely waterfront cafe – Tick

Library nearby – Tick

Waterfront nearby – Tick

Riding and walking tracks along the waterfront – Tick


I am committed for a year.  I am looking forward to it.  With some trepidation.

New Year, New Abode, New Life.

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