Trying to Downsize

I have to downsize. Here I live in a 3 bedroom unit.  I would have, could have moved into a two bedroom unit – if there was one when I came here 4 years ago.  I had visions that my grandchildren would come and stay. But now I find I have too many possessions.

The two youngest did stay a few times, but these days are too busy – they are into their teens.  The older two have not spend time with me – they are too busy. It is a complaint of many grandparents.

I have decided to leave the unit – and move into the Toyota Coaster.  But I have a lot of things to get rid of.  I have to downsize and it is not easy.

How to Downsize

I have some BIG things that I need to find new homes for.  Two single beds, two televisions, a bicycle (electric two wheeler), some book shelves, books, a desk, some small tables, a filing cabinet – and lots more.

Will I be able to sell some of them?  Don’t know but will try.  There’s a big gas BBQ in the van that I don’t want, so I will add that to my list of things to leave here.

Car Boot Sale

It was a little disappointing.  There were not a lot of customers, so I didn’t sell a lot.  I did dispose of some things, though.  Some plants, and some fun things that I gave to children.  And I made a small profit.

FB Buy, Swap and Sell

Some of my items will find themselves onto this Facebook page this week.  Will give it a try. Even if I sell a couple of things it will be good.  Maybe the BBQ and the bike?

Off to Camp

This week I will attempt my first camp.  I am going to Coochin Creek, some 30 kms north of Beachmere.  I have not been there before.  It is not by the beach, but a creek.  A friend is supposed to be going with me – but not sure if that is going to happen yet.




So I have a lot of learning to do this week.  I still haven’t worked out how to switch lights on, use the water (and toilet).  There is so much to learn.  Hopefully I will survive.

Postscript: Due to the damage/result of cycle Debbie, I cannot book the campside at the moment.

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