Preparing the Van Continues

Preparing the Van

It is taking a long time to prepare the van, Myrtle the Turtle, for its first trip tomorrow.  The van has many items in it that I am replacing.  For example, I have a cutlery set – with purple handles that I have had for years that I want to use in the van.  There was another set (or part thereof) in the van, which will be donated to an Op Shop.

The refrigerator will shortly be replaced when I find one that fits into the space.  It is old and looks a bit battered.  I am looking at options.

One of the big mats has been removed.  I keep tripping on it – it will wait in my garage until I determine whether I want to use it.  Meanwhile little by little, it is turning into MY van.

Tomorrow, after I meet with the girls from Rolling Solo at Redcliffe, I set off on my first venture in the Van.  Not without some mild anxiety.

Coochin Creek or Neurum Creek?

A friend and I are going to Neurum Creek, which is some 60 kms from here.  We had intended going to Coochin Creek, but because that is a state operated camping ground, and many of these are closed, we were unable to book into that one.

It will be a test for me – as I have never done anything like this before.

What about the bed?

I laugh at myself.  Lacking in experience as I am, I have a few questions about using the van.  Lots actually.  But one is about using the bed.  Do I use a sheet?  Top and bottom?  I am used to sleeping in a queen size bed, and now I am sleeping in a single (and small single too) bed.  Luckily it is still hot weather – so I am not likely to get cold overnight but I wonder what everyone else does.

So the preparing of the van continues.  At least on this occasion, we are only away from 2 nights, and as it turns out, close to a town, so getting food or anything is not going to be difficult.

I guess it will take me a while to learn.

Have any of my readers any tips or ideas for me?

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