Books – How do you like Reading Books?

How do like Reading Books?

The art of Reading Books has changed.Once upon a time, you could only “read” a book by holding the paper pages in your hands. Or when you were a child, can you remember that you could sit while a family member, friend or teacher would read the story.

Back in the 1970’s, a program called “Hear a Book” was created. My late father, Bob Watson, was one of the many folk that read and recorded a variety of books. They were recorded onto tapes, by volunteers. These “Hear a Book” folk distributed tapes around Australia for those people who had sight or other issues that prevented them from reading “real books.”

But modern technology has given us more options for reading books.

What Options are Available to Read Books Now?

Despite negative media over the years, real paper books tend to remain the most popular.  People talk about the feel of the real book!

I remember when Kindle books were introduced in 2007.  They are called e-books.  I was curious about using the technology, but it was a few years later that I bought one.  In fact, according to my Amazon Kindle history, it was 2011 and I bought Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice!  My Kindle often gets neglected, but I always get it out when I am travelling.  I remember when I was in China, I enjoyed travelling with it.  Much easier than carrying a paper book – lighter, easier, and it remembered where I finished reading!  An automatic book mark.

Kindle – and Similar

There are several e-book readers on the market.  The Kindle (various models) appears to be the most popular.  As it is an Amazon product it also has access to thousands of ebooks.  They tend to be light, easy to read, and it doesn’t take long to upload your purchases.  And you can listen as the book is read to you.  It is not a human reading!

Photo by Di Hill

My Kindle

Kindles are being updated regularly, but I still manage with the one I bought 8 years ago.  Check out the website to see what is on the market right now.

Ready to Read my Kindle

My Kindle Menu

C-Pen Reader

This is a fairly new product, especially helpful for anyone who has reading/comprehension problems or is learning English or Spanish.  Apparently they are the only two languages currently available with this small, easy to carry item.  As someone who has taught English in China and South Korea, I can see how useful this can be for many.  It helps you read a “real” book.

Books on CD

I confess that I have a negative option about books on CD, but I only have a limited experience.  The one and only book  on CD  I have bought, is a book by Australian Author Di Morrissey at the Barkly Homestead, on the Barkly Highway, Northern Territory.  The fact is I never finished the book, as I found it difficult to concentrate on my driving while trying to keep up with the story.  I still have it, so one day I will start to listen to it.  My feeling is that this style of book would be awesome for someone confined to bed!

Audio Books with Audible

Audible is another Amazon product.  I had the App on my phone for quite a while, as someone had recommended it.  However, I had not used it.  That is, until a couple of weeks ago, when I heard about a book.  I remember thinking about trying Audible, so within seconds I had Caroline Criado Perez’s book, The Invisible Women, on my phone.

As it turns out, I found it easy to listen to, even while driving and within a few days had completed the book.  A second book has been purchased now, so I will see how it goes.  I will go back to the CD Book at some stage, too.


There several are options for people. So many options too for those whose first language is not English, or who have challenges that make holding a reading a “paper” book difficult.

What is your choice way to read a book?



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