Riding Across Bribie Island

I thought perhaps a ride across Bribie Island would take me away from my “work”. A recent health scare has made me consider more relaxing activities – though I am not sure all I did on this day fitted into that category.  First of all it was to see the movie, “A Royal Night Out” – the story of the night peace was declared after World War II, and the supposed night out to celebrate of the Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret.  How much of it is true I do not know, but it was a fun movie, which I enjoyed for the most part.  Then I drove my car to Bongaree and unloaded my fold up electric bike and set off around the southern end of the island.

I have avoided going on a weekend before as there are often loads of tourists on the island and I’d rather not have to dodge them.  I do wish I had heeded by concern about this, however it did not limit me very much except around Bongaree.   I road south, and then headed past the RSL Club and out onto the bikeway between Bongaree and Woorim.

There was a lovely field of tiny blue daisy-like flowers along the way.


One place I was keen to stop at was Ian Fairweather Park.  Ian Fairweather is recognised as “one of the greatest Australian painters of all time, combining western andAsian influences in his work.”  He was born in the UK and travelled a lot but spent his last few years mostly working from a small hut in the park now reserved in his memory.

IMG_6341 IMG_6344

The riding track is good – around 12 kms of bitumen in sparse bushland beside the busy road.  Strangely I passed a man sitting in the middle of the path with two plastic bags of items – perhaps he’d been to a supermarket – and I weaved around him.  I saw him later walking closer to Woorim.

When I reached Woorim I rode to the beach front and took the photos below.  It was a magic day – clear air, and great vision over to Moreton Island, where this shipping vessel was passing (perhaps a car carrier).


Almost the last day of autumn and a few folk were out in the water and one young lady with a very brief bikini was playing on the sand.  The wonderful patterns in the sky fascinated me.


I rode back to to Bongaree, folded my bike and loaded back into the car and made the return journey to Beachmere.



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