Rolling Solo in Australia

A friend told me about Rolling Solo in Australia – a group of women who travel Australia – and I joined.  I wish I had known about this amazing friendship group when I travelled.  They sound so much fun!

Travelling around Australia was something my husband and I talked about doing , perhaps towing a van, but it didn’t happen.  After I left him, I went back to university and following graduation, I set out to live the dream on my own.

I bought a tent, a blow-up bed, sleeping bag, and a whole lot of paraphernalia that would, I thought, help me on my journey.  Well, I did it.  I drove around Australia for over 5 months, but, I confess, I didn’t use the tent.  In fact, the only time it has been out of its bag was when I erected it to practice! Once.  I had been a Girl Guide many years ago, so putting up a modern tent was easy compared to those days!  I still have the tent – it remains in the bag and still has not been used, but I keep it.  Maybe one day……..

On my journey, I spent many nights with family and friends around the country, as well as nights in cabins in caravan parks and in the occasional motel.

Why not camp?  I was alone, and I got chicken.  I figured I would be so scared I would not sleep, so figured it was safer in more ways than one, to get a good night’s sleep.  I am so glad I did.  If I had had a trusted companion I would have camped.  I was so looking forward to doing so.  I wonder now if I might go camping, now that I have learned of a large group of solo women doing just that.

Many have motorhomes or caravans.  Just maybe I could do it and sleep in my tent.  I am seriously pondering it.


Vineyard at St George, Qld.


More of the Vineyard at St George.

On my latest trip, I didn’t take the tent.  I just stayed with friends and in caravan parks. Easy, and not too expensive.  At least I did it.

I do love driving so an 8000 kms trip in four weeks is not too difficult, though I should stay longer in some places.  Money and time are my enemies.

I have some tips: 

  • In Australia, don’t drive at night in the country (too many kangaroos etc)
  • Make sure your car is in good condition – mine was new!
  • Let your family know where you are.  FB is good.
  • Take water and snacks with you.  (I even use meal shakes at lunch – save money and time)
  • Have your own Entertainment organised – I have the radio, CD’s including ones I can sing to when I get tired, and always “conversations” on my USB stick.
  • Just take care.  Don’t do silly things.

Best Tip

Have fun!!



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