Scary Domestic Violence Event

The Unexpected Scary Domestic Violence Event

Yesterday, as I arrived at the railway station to catch a train to the city, not knowing that I would be involved in a scary domestic violence event.  I heard people shouting.  Initially, I thought it was just young people communicating loudly.  There was a women upstairs at the station and the guy down in the parking area.

I walked past the women on my way to catch my train.  She was standing with a little girl – a quiet young thing, probably scared, about three years of again beside a pram which had a baby in it.  I didn’t know she was following me until I got into the elevator to go down to the platform.  As I walked in, she followed close by.  Then I heard the yelling of the bloke.

You need help

I said to her something like, “Sweetheart, I think you need some help.”  She replied, “No, it’s ok.”   But I could see it wasn’t.  Abusive words flowed from the bloke’s mouth as he got closer to us.  Before the door had closed, he rushed in yelling about taking the baby.  There was screaming and loud banging noises.  I “escaped” from the lift, but turned around as I exited, yelling at him to stop and to leave her alone.  Then I yelled at him to get out.  By then, a few people had gathered not far from the lift and one man came closer to help.  It all happened so quickly, and it was very scary.  I shouted to the people watching “Call the police”.  Soon there was railway staff on the scene, but the bloke ran away, but not with the baby, I don’t think.  Shaking, I made my way down the stairs and to the train.  I was glad to get away and was quite distressed myself.

It shattered me that a young women and two children should be exposed to such violence and foul language.  I wonder what her future is.  I do hope that she is able to get some help.

Dometic Violence Must Stop.

Such behaviour is not acceptable – in public or at home.   On my return from the city a few hours later, I went to the police station.  The railway staff had directed me to do so.  I was clearly a witness, though not keen to go to court.  I’d be terrified if I saw this man again, though I doubt he’d recognise me.

What can we do about it?  I do think everyone needs education on “good behaviour”.  It is not acceptable that anyone has to experience or witness this abuse.  It will play on my mind for quite a while.

Is there more domestic violence than ever before?  Or is it that we are seeing it, or hearing about it more?

It must stop.  How?




Kayla Velasquez




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