Seaweed Scones

UBC – Day 16

Eating Seaweed

I know, it is a bit odd for someone like me to like eating seaweed. It started when I was in China, and discovered tasty seaweed snacks at the supermarket. A lot of things were unfamiliar to me during that period. I loved the seaweed snacks and was delighted to find that I could purchase a similar product in Australia.  It is often referred to as ‘nori”.

Buying Seaweed in Australia

In fact, one of our major supermarkets, Woolworths, has a product from Korea, that I can usually find in the Asian section of the stores. For one dollar, I can find this healthy snack and quickly devour a packet. There are about 12 small (slightly bigger than business cards) sheets in a pack, with a little packet to keep them dry and crisp. My grandchildren like them too – though I doubt I introduced them to the tasty treat. I just know that I can “win brownie points” if I have a supply on hand when they visit.

Recipe for Seaweed and Brie Scones

Recently, at my son’s place for a few hours, I found he had started going to a library. Not this nearly 50-year-old has not been a big reader. He confessed that he has “discovered” libraries, and had not been in one since his school days! He had a cookbook and I can’t recall the name. I flicked through the pages and accidentally came to a recipe for Seaweed and Brie scones. I took a photo of the recipe with my phone.
When I knew I had all the ingredients, I set to work to make some. When I looked at the photo, I found it impossible to read the details! Darn. So I guessed and kept on keeping on.
To me, the uncooked scone mixture was tastier than the cooked item, but I managed to cook up around 18 scones. I was a little disappointed with them, as they did not rise as I had expected and were crisper than I imaged them to be. Still, I am enjoying eating them.

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