Shen Yun – Chinese Traditional Dancing

UBC Day – 15

I love most Chinese culture – especially dancing and so wanted to see Shen Yun. My friends and family know that I taught in China for just under two years, some time ago.  I found it a fascinating country.

Cover of Shen Yun Program








Where to see Shen Yun?

There were no performances in Brisbane, so I pondered going to the Gold Coast or Toowoomba to see the show.  Tickets were expensive (for me), and I procrastinated for quite a while.  Eventually, though, I bought a ticket for the matinee (January 20th) at the Gold Coast Art Centre.

It was really only a 1 hour drive for me – easily done, but somehow I usually manage to pick a day when there is an accident on the freeway.  As there was of course, yesterday.  However, I plan so that I have plenty of time, and despite a slow journey for quite a few kilometres I made it in time.

The Gold Coast Arts Centre is a special place, surrounded by parklands, the Council Chambers and other venues for entertainment.  There is the big theatre for performances, as well as movie theatres.


I had read a little about Shen Yun.  Check it out here. The dance company is based in New York, and there are a number of groups that regularly tour the world, though not in China, as they support Fulong Dafa which is outlawed there.

Dance Company from New York

There were almost 20 dances, all introduced by two MC’s, with some explanation in English and Mandarin.  They were all spectacular ad I was fascinated how they used items in their dances, e.g. chopsticks, handkerchiefs, and bows and arrows for a start.

The show is going to travel around Australia, so I hope many folk go to see it.  It really is a spectacular event.



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