Spiders in Australia

UBC – Day 24

Australian Spiders

Did you know that there are many spiders in Australia? It is reported that there are over 2,400 species of spider here. There are some poisonous deadly varieties, but it has been many years since anyone died from a spider bite, as the medical profession has anti-venom to use if anyone gets bitten. Mostly we regard them as creepy things, though we do know that some do bite, sometimes with nasty consequences.

I don’t like spiders. In fact, if any come close to me they are likely to be killed. I am fascinated by them at the same time, and where I am staying I have been watching three spiders and their webs on a regular basis.

Scary spiders appear when you don’t expect it. One day I was driving my car, late in the afternoon. Alone. And I noticed something moving to my right. (We drive on the right-hand side of the car in Australia) and this huntsman spider was walking up the window on the inside, inches from my face!!!














In the Car with a Spider

Luckily, I was the only car on the road at the time, so I quickly drove to the side of the road, stopped the car and climbed out the passenger side. I didn’t know what to do, but I was lucky. A young man came along the footpath. He had seen my strange manoeuvre. When I told him what happened, he gently opened the driver side door, grabbed the spider in his hand and threw it towards the road. I was mightily relieved and could keep on my journey. Phew!




























 On the Ceiling

On another occasion, I was house-sitting at a house that had no screens on the windows. Bush surrounds the house. So, at night the spiders would come into the house. I woke up one night to see several running around the ceiling. I “attacked” with insect spray and they died. My friend, whose house it was, was upset as she likes the spiders playing in her room.

The spiders where I am staying at the moment don’t come in the house, but build wonderful webs in the garden.  (The photos are at this place.)


(watch this video where a woman has a huntsman spider in her car) Click here.

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