Stay at Home – I wish I could!

I returned to Beachmere on Saturday, September 10th, somewhat exhausted and pleased to be home. My mail pile, things that arrived at my home and post office box is nearly 18 inches high (shows my age, doesn’t it, that I still use the old terminology!) and the phone kept ringing. I wrote some articles for Weekend Notes, met up with friends, did my washing, cleaned out my car, and seemed to be working non-stop in getting myself organised back to some sort of normal.

It was pleasing to learn that the spiders that terrorise me did not notice I was gone, so not many had made their way into the house, the ants had eaten some of the grout between the tiles, but not as much as had been done in the past!

So then it was time to prepare for my next expedition – to Gympie for a hockey weekend.  My family are hockey tragics.  Grand daughter No 2 was playing in a tournament, and Grand daughter No 1 was umpiring, so my daughter and I set off to support them and the team.  While I was excited to spend one-on-one time with my daughter (we stayed in a B & B), I am not as interested in hockey (for a start, I don’t understand the rules) and it rained for much of the first two days, and the last one, and I had so much I should have been doing.


Zali (No 17) in action

Still, I finished one book and started another (but you can’t read in the rain, so I had to watch the rain and hockey quite a bit), and my daughter and I had many adventures.  So much you’d have to be a witness to what went on – she does some crazy things.

The team we went to watch came 4th I think, but the one person to win the most awards was Grand daugher No 1, who ended up with 3 Awards – for her great umpiring.  Well done Ari.

The B & B was great.  I recommend Cudgerie Homestead at Cooroy – it was a delightful place to stay, with Steve being an amazing host.  A lot of laughs too.


The front of Cudgerie Homestead


A family of wallabies visited

We went back and forth to Gympie, watched all the games that the girls were involved in, had a meal one night at an Italian restaurant at Pomona (we recommend Serges), and another night at the RSL Club at Cooroy.

Breakfast at Cudgerie Homestead was great!  Our room, though small, was comfortable and all we needed, and we met other lovely folk staying there.

Then it was back home just before 5 pm – I was “dropped” at home.  I set off soon after to get mail, and get medication.  It rained heavily for quite a while – then the clouds disappeared and blue skies appeared.

Today I have written two articles for Weekend Notes, done the washing, made a few phone calls, sent umpteen emails, tidied up in many places, and soon I will have to pack for the Hemmant adventure with the grandchildren again.  Phew.  I get exhausted thinking about it!!

Still, I should be back in my home again by Saturday night, with no big plans to travel again.

But things can change…..


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