Strange Things Happen

Strange Co incidence

For me, it started with a strange message.  Someone I met at Ross River, near Alice Springs for the Rolling Solo Camp in August 2017, sent me a message.  She was in hospital not far from where I live, and the lady in the next bed, was another lady I knew.  The two women would not normally have met up.  I’m yet to learn how my name came up.

Anyway, this lady, whom I will refer to as G, was just making contact.  During our messages back and forth,   G, made a comment that really surprised to me.  She made reference to an event which happened after I left Alice Springs.  I smiled when I saw the words – for H must have told G.  Funny, that two folk, whom I don’t think knew each other until the hospital visit, could share this story!

Hospital Visit

As it turns out G has had some surgery, as has H, but G will be recuperating not far from where I live. I made vague arrangements to visit – but she will be in hospital for another week.  Then I realised I was going to be not far from the hospital today, so I have arranged to visit both of them.

In the outbac

I travelled to Alice Springs in Murtle the Turtle

I met G briefly.  She is a lady who lives much of her live in a wheelchair, and travels Australia in a campervan.  Amazing that she can do that.  I so look forward to catching up with G and H today.

No doubt we will talk about our brief meeting at Ross River Resort in 2017, with 499 other ladies who travel around Australia in vans, cars etc.

Have you ever had a similar co incidence?


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