Stupidity in the wake of Debbie

Even knowing how bad Cyclone Debbie was predicted to be, it was far worse than anyone imagined.   What I find really annoying is the stupidity of people – particularly males.  There has been


There has been vision on television re stupid young men going board riding at closed beaches.  Others have been using jet skis in sports fields and flooded areas.  And lots more.   Children (usually boys) playing in flood waters too.  I find it so annoying and stupid as they not only risk their own lives, but those of those who have to rescue them if things go pear-shaped.

Beachmere Road, Friday morning.

Lose 200 points????

These signs were erected on Beachmere Road, yesterday.  However, people still drove around them.  Stupid!  They risk driving through flood waters, or as the sign says, risk losing points of their licence.

Cyclone Debbie


I don’t think anyone had any idea how much damage would result from cyclone Debbie.  The drama and damage continues hundreds of miles from where the cyclone itself was very active.  Most of Queensland has been affected and well down into New South Wales.  No one was killed in the Cyclone, but two women have lost their lives in NSW as a result of flooding.  So much flooding around both states. Homes have been destroyed, businesses have been lost and many farmers have lost property and crops.

Everyone is so aghast at what has happened, and what is still happening.  It is an ongoing disaster of mammoth proportions and it will be years before life returns to normal for some folk.

How many people though, through their own stupidity, have caused problems for themselves and others?   How many people have drive through flood waters – thinking that they know better?  So many rescues from cars caught in flood waters.

I am surprised at the last minute shopping too.  With our main road likely to close, people went almost berserk in the supermarket, almost wiping out the shelves.  I can’t believe that people think they need so much food for a two or three day (at the most) event.  Why would you buy extra food that might be not safe to eat if not refrigerated?  And so many homes are without power – days of no electricity is not going to help store some food!

Someone said yesterday, that “there is no common sense” any more.  I think that may be right.

Debris in the River

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