The Supermoon

I was unaware of the significance of the Supermoon at this time of year.  I was to learn!

Late in the afternoon (on October 15th, ’16) I received a phone call from a friend – with an invitation to romp and swim on the beach that evening.  I could go swimming with nothing but a bra and panties if I wished.  Mmmm.  That’s not my thing.  Afterwards, there was a promise of time with other goddesses (yes, I was to be a goddess too!) around a fire pit in the bush.  I had no other plans so I set out to go.  Certainly not going to wear only my undies!

What is a Supermoon?

Searching on my friend Dr Google and came up with some explanations.  While much of the material is written about this phenomenon in the northern hemisphere, it is certainly also something that occurs in the southern hemisphere.  Essentially it is when the moon is at its closest in its orbit to the earth.  The moon looks bigger and the light from the moon is much brighter, which in some areas is called the Hunter’s Moon because it gives the hunters great light to seek their prey.

Here is a good explanation about the Supermoon here. 

On the Beach at Dusk

Dressed in a black full length dress I set out at the appointed time, to discover I was the only one at the beach.  Well, not really. Two travellers from Holland were there and they were marvelling at the size of the moon as it came up over Moreton Bay.

There was a cold wind blowing from the sea too.  Rather cold for this time of year!

Moon Rising

The Moon is getting closer


Moon over Bribie Island

The Moon comes up over Moreton Bay

Eventually, two Goddesses arrived – rugged up against the cold and no, they were not going romping in the sea.  The sea here is very shallow too – you could walk out for 100 metres or so and only get your feet wet!

So it was back to the hostess’s home, and the fire was lit.  We sat around chatting, eating, enjoying a glass of wine and frequently peering up at the moon, which was occasionally hidden behind the tall gum trees.

We wrote down on a piece of paper what we wanted to go from our lives.  One by one threw our papers onto the fire and we watched them burning.  We had all been “smudged” by one of the goddesses first!

So now I am waiting to see if those things I wrote on the paper will come true.

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