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Cheating and the Chinese

Thoughts on China and Cheating – which now affects results from Australian universities.
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A Conversation on Housing in Oz

Housing Shortage in Australia For the last few years, there have been much media about the housing shortage in Australia.  As someone whose focus is on senior solo women looking for secure forever housing, I find this appalling. The Federal … Continue reading

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The Love of Ceremony

I love the ceremony and the music of military bands.
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The Ugliness of Racism

Stolen Children Racism was on the agenda at the weekend. I was at an event where a First Nation lady, (they prefer that terminology rather than “indigenous“) spoke of her sad childhood. After being taken from her family and sent … Continue reading

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Long Distance Driving

UBC Day 26  In Australia, there is plenty of long distance driving. I like driving long distances.  Perhaps it is because I spent my earlier years travelling back and forth across Australia to see my families.  Though in those days … Continue reading

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Spiders in Australia

UBC – Day 24 Australian Spiders Did you know that there are many spiders in Australia? It is reported that there are over 2,400 species of spider here. There are some poisonous deadly varieties, but it has been many years … Continue reading

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Shen Yun – Chinese Traditional Dancing

UBC Day – 15 I love most Chinese culture – especially dancing and so wanted to see Shen Yun. My friends and family know that I taught in China for just under two years, some time ago.  I found it … Continue reading

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Housing for Solo Seniors

Ok, I have to admit it!  I am a “senior” – a term that I do not like really, but the fact is that is what people over 60 years of age are called in Australia.  I like the term … Continue reading

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