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And Next There Was a Visitor

Unexpected Visitor How can you plan for that?  But it does happen to me!  I do tend to get surprises as my friends from China plan to stay with me!  Without warning! I decided last week to change the furniture … Continue reading

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Ghost Cities of China

The Mystery of Ghost Cities Every now and then, the press publishes stories about the “ghost cities”  of China.  I have been in some of the areas where there are amazing building projects, but the number of residents is very … Continue reading

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More on Exercise for Seniors

UBC – Day 27 Exercise for Seniors I know that to improve our health we must exercise more.  However,  I am disappointed at the offering for ageing people. Let me explain. I am what is often referred to as a … Continue reading

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Shen Yun – Chinese Traditional Dancing

UBC Day – 15 I love most Chinese culture – especially dancing and so wanted to see Shen Yun. My friends and family know that I taught in China for just under two years, some time ago.  I found it … Continue reading

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Gardenia – a Little White Flower

Gardenia Fragrance A little white flower, which in the evening sends out a beautiful fragrance – the Gardenia.  I do like these flowers, though sadly they don’t last long.  However, if the bush has plenty of flowers – the nightly … Continue reading

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China – The Stories of the One Child Policy

We in “the west” had all heard about the One Child Policy of China which was introduced in 1979, and continued on until 2015/6.   The reality is that the rest of the world felt it was a good decision … Continue reading

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Thinking of China and the Year of the Rooster

China is celebrating The Year of the Rooster. This time last year I was in China.  It was to attend a wedding.  Sadly the marriage didn’t last long, and my dear friend is single again.  But it was an amazing … Continue reading

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Let’s Do Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom Dancing – Why don’t we do it now? Once upon a time…………….I feel I should start this post with these four words.   I  recall events of a long time ago.  When I was born, it was a time that … Continue reading

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Review of the Year of 2016

The year of  2016 is almost at an end – and it has been a big year for me. This is a brief review of a busy year. Review of 2016 In 2015 I was lucky enough to be invited … Continue reading

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The Gender Imbalance in China

As my readers may know, I lived in China for a short time and I read a lot about issues in China.  I came across this article today.  It brought a smile to my face.  I am not surprised. When … Continue reading

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