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And Next There Was a Visitor

Unexpected Visitor How can you plan for that?  But it does happen to me!  I do tend to get surprises as my friends from China plan to stay with me!  Without warning! I decided last week to change the furniture … Continue reading

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My Writing Journey

So Much Writing Here it is, just one month into the new year and my writing journey is going well.  Last year I was a speaker at an event where i talked about my travels. Some really funny things have happened … Continue reading

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Another Adventure – to Dubai

Off to London – via Dubai Adventure Most of my friends and family know that I have been working on a project for senior solo women for a long time.  It is part of my adventure to explore.  Things are … Continue reading

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My House-Sitting Journeys

UBC – Day 31 Discovering House-Sitting House-Sitting saved me. Quite a few years ago, I learned about house-sitting and started to do occasional weeks here and there.  It was of interest to me while I studied (around the turn of … Continue reading

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Women Welcome Women World Wide

UBC – Day 22 How I found Women Welcome Women World Wide As many of my readers know, I am a solo traveller.  Even when I was married, I generally travelled alone.  I was lucky to get interstate and overseas … Continue reading

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Oh, the Van…..

Preparing the Van I am still sorting out the van.  It’s hard because I have been house sitting and am due to do some more starting next weekend.  So, it is hard to prepare for life on the road. The … Continue reading

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Blue Toilets and Memories

At a local community function, there were two blue toilets on site – for those folk who needed to go.  I watched as children played in and out of one of the “cubicles” – clearly seeing the facility as a … Continue reading

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Trying to Downsize

I have to downsize. Here I live in a 3 bedroom unit.  I would have, could have moved into a two bedroom unit – if there was one when I came here 4 years ago.  I had visions that my … Continue reading

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Review of the Year of 2016

The year of  2016 is almost at an end – and it has been a big year for me. This is a brief review of a busy year. Review of 2016 In 2015 I was lucky enough to be invited … Continue reading

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Rolling Solo in Australia

A friend told me about Rolling Solo in Australia – a group of women who travel Australia – and I joined.  I wish I had known about this amazing friendship group when I travelled.  They sound so much fun! Travelling … Continue reading

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