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My Fair Lady

The Movie My Fair Lady I do remember the movie My Fair Lady – it goes back to 1964 when this film first made it to the screen.  Was there much discussion about it in those days about the words … Continue reading

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Forgotten Senior Solo Women

How can we improve the lives of Senior Solo Women, those who have no family or close friends? With modern technology surely something can be done.

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Great Tools for Solo Women

These two tools will make life a little easier for people (especially so Continue reading

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Men and Courting

UBC – Day 19 Men Behaving Badly As a result of the Harvey Weinstein issue, and the way other men have treated women, there has been much discussion among us, both in the media and face to face. Women have … Continue reading

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Women on TED

I am a great fan of TED Talks – which I am sure I have mentioned several times in my blogs.   It has become somewhat of a habit of mine to watch several talks per day.  I scan through … Continue reading

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