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Writing Letters – How it helps the Brain!

When did you last write a letter? There was a very interesting article in the local weekend newspaper about the value of writing letters. In fact, the article suggested other writing tasks which would help the brain. Why Write? I … Continue reading

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Writing Class

Each year, a writing group of which I am a member has a “Retreat” at Congeau at Bribie Island, just north of Brisbane, Queensland. On many occasions, I have attended.  Often staying for 2 or 3 nights with the other … Continue reading

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Ultimate Time Challenge

I had high hopes of starting the Ultimate Blog Challenge on time and keeping up, and here I am starting late again, but it is turning into an Ultimate Time Challenge! I am working on another site/blog, that I had … Continue reading

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Product? Me?

What Product do I offer? Mmmm. Well none really. On my blog I tend to write about a variety of things, about my travels, about things that I want to talk about, anything really. I know, I know. I am … Continue reading

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UBC – List of Marketing Ideas for Writers

This List of Marketing Ideas for Writers is something that I talk about often. I am a writer – usually writing for websites, or in the past magazines.  I am also a Senior Writer for WeekendNotes.com, and a member of various … Continue reading

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Marketing – A List of Things for Writers To Do

I am a member of several Writers Groups and have many friends in the field of writing and get frustrated by their poor marketing. I am seriously often disturbed with the unsophisticated way many manage their writing business.  For a … Continue reading

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Marketing – One Step at a Time

Marketing – especially for writers appears to be a challenge for  most writers.  It is a topic that I have discussed at Writers Groups and Conferences. These are my Nine Tips for Writers to Market Themselves and their Books   Create a  Plan.  Sit … Continue reading

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Day One – Ultimate Blog Challenge

Day One – My first task is to tell readers why I am  doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I often call myself a serial blogger – my business card and my website call me “Writer, Traveller, Camera Addict, Bamboo Fan, Workshop … Continue reading

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Getting Published

Oh, how I want to be published!!!  I have several “almost complete”  manuscripts in my computer and I am really keen to finish them, but unfortunately I am very time poor at the moment.  However, I have a deadline to … Continue reading

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A Story Written by My Mother

My mother, Ida Joyce Watson, died in June 2014 in Adelaide, South Australia, at aged 98 years, however, some years ago she had given me some of her writings.  I have many of the letters she and my late father … Continue reading

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