Should I take The Book Australian Places?

Do I take the big book, Australian Places? As I pack and plan for my life in Murtle, and my tour to Alice Springs, I am going through many items in my not too small collection.

One is the Reader’s Digest Australian Places book.  It was published in 1993, and I have had since around that time.  It is a special book to me – we often carried it in the car to check on details on the places we visited or passed through.

I can recall asking the children to check details and read – especially if I was driving.  I am not sure they would remember it, but as I like to know as much as possible about Australia and the places we pass through.  The history, the places to see etc.

The book is heavy – which is something that I am aware of – wondering if I need to carry it in the van.  It is also old.  So much has happened in Australia since 1993.  It was first published then, and I think there was another one around 2003.

Australian Places 1993

Book Cover 1993 edition

Book or Internet?

What is the alternative?  Can I rely on the Internet for the information that is so wonderfully detailed in the pages of my (albeit old) book?

Is there another book that I don’t know about?  More modern?

As I will be travelling solo, and in places where there may be little or no internet access, the book will be quick and easy to check.  Will the info be too old?  I have put it in the pile which should have a”?” sign.  I would love to have someone to read it for me as we pass through the town.

Some of the details I have checked about places I have recently visited – and see how old the information is.  I wish there was a more modern edition, but I wonder if the 2003 one would be worth buying.  It needs an update.  Will it happen?

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