TED – A Best Friend of Mine

OK, let’s get it clear right now.  I don’t have a man named Edward, Ted, or similar in my life, other than the amazing website www.TED.com.

It was when I was in Bali in 2012, that I learned about this site.  I was swimming in a pool in Ubud and met a guy from Netherlands, who was sitting beside the pool watching a TED video.  When I found the site for myself, I was hooked.


The concept of 20-minute talks, with no waste of time with MC’s, and limited rambling of speakers makes perfect sense for me.   Well, the maximum time for a talk is 20 minutes.  Sometimes the talks are shorter.  The topics are so varied.  I download them to my tablet often and often will watch a talk when I have some spare time or on the one hour trip to Brisbane on the train, or on a plane if I am flying anywhere.

I regularly visit the TED website and scan the recent talks – and choose those that I wish to view and quickly download them.  It is FREE.

Some time ago, I also went to a TED talk at Griffith University.  The talks were most interesting and I can revisit them whenever I wish.

Today I scanned some of the talks on TED and chose to highlight the following one.  The title of  “What I learned from 2,000 Obituaries”.  I chose this one because I have an interested in obituaries.  Before you wonder what could be interesting about the dead, an obituary is a life story, and I love biographies, with a little detail about the person’s death.

I am surprised to learn how few of my friends have discovered TED, so I do talk about the website often and have converted a few of them to be regular viewers of the site.

Here are some shorter talks – to listen to while enjoying your coffee.  Click here.

Go on, go and explore the amazing, interesting talks on TED.


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