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I am a great fan of TED Talks.  I learned about TED in Bali.  I was in Ubud, swimming in the wonderful pool in my hotel, and after getting out of the water I settled onto a lounge by the water’s edge.  A man came and lay on the lounge not far from me.  I can not recall how the conversation ended up about TED, but I am eternally grateful for this man from Holland, telling me about the program.

As soon as I could, I searched on my computer and found it and have been a fan ever since.  That was about 2011.

I have even attended one TED event, and will go to more if I can.

Sometimes I lay in bed and seek out a TED talk, and this morning I woke early and watched this one.  It is one of the most interesting and clever presentations I have seen.  Initially, I thought the guy was an actor – but learned along the way that Latif Nasser is a historian.  I loved the big surprise at the end.  He has done several talks, so will catch up on them.

It is a story about the camel – an animal that I rather like though they do seem to be a little fearsome to me.  I love their eye lashes.

There are thousands of them in the Australian outback and I have seen them in the wild, but when I did my trek around the country in 2011/12 I didn’t see any at all.  In Alice Springs last year I had the chance to ride on one, but I chickened out.  They look so big and I feared that I would fall off!.

They are not an animal that is seen around this part of Queensland – you will have to go to Australia Zoo to see one, or get a ride.  The cost of having a ride there is $79!

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