The Adventure is About to Begin

It’s funny, a few days ago I found an article written about me.  I can’t recall seeing it.  It was about my adventure in 2012/2013.   You can read it here.

At the moment I am on the Gold Coast, but by this time next week,I will be in the final stages of my planning for a trip from Brisbane to Alice Springs, in my Toyota Coaster. I am taking the Coaster to Beachmere and Caboolture for a check up and addition of special oils in preparation for the journey.  Then it is back to Brisbane for a few days and final preparations to leave in the afternoon of August 8th.

One of my challenges will be driving the Coaster.  It is several weeks since I have done so.  I have not yet driven any distance.  On the first afternoon, I hope to make it to Dalby – a distance of just over 200 kms.   If I drive at 80 kms an hour, it should take me just over 2 1/2 hours.

I have posted on the Rolling Solo site to see if any other Roller will be in Dalby on that night.  I might need some support at that time.  So far, there are no positive replies.

The Route to Mt Isa

My plan is to stop here:

  • Dalby
  • Roma298 kms
  • Augathella – 269 kns
  • Barcaldine – 384 kms
  • Winton – 287 kms
  • Cloncurry – 346 kms
  • Mt Isa – 121 kms (I’d like to be here by 15th August.)

(I’ve edited distances as RACQ Trip Planner is having problems)

I can’t explain much now, but I have a reason for getting to Mt Isa quickly.  All will be revealed closer to the time.

The van has been my home for a few weeks, so I know much about it, however, I do need to be up to speed with all the power and checking oil and water etc.

Inside Murtle

Murtle before the new curtains

Murtle does look different now.  I have all new curtains, thanks to my family, who gifted the new purple curtains for Mother’s Day.  Granddaugher Zali sewed them for me.  I will take a photo.










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