The Big Tree

UBC – Day 29

What’s in The Big Tree?

Across the road from the house where I am caring for Lulu the cat, there is a big tree.  I haven’t worked out what type of tree, but it is two or three stories high.  The house I am in is on the high side of the road, overlooking the tree.

I have taken a photo of the tree, but find it hard to identify any of the birds and creatures in it, but it is so huge that there are several varieties with their own families.



There are crows, pigeons, magpies, myna birds and more.  Occasionally there are “fights” between clans but mostly is all quiet.  There are kookaburras that come most mornings and evenings, but I am unsure if they actually live there.

One day a mother (or is it father) magpie came down to feed its noisy offspring on the lawn – it squawked until it was fed.  Always amusing to watch!

The big tree


Sometimes it is very noisy with all the birds.


I can’t see them, but there are bats too.  I do not know if they actually live in the tree, but I suspect that they live in a big colony somewhere near the Brisbane River and come to visit most nights.

It is a common sight at dusk to see the thousands of bats flying across the skies – seeking food or fun wherever they can.

Bugs and Things

There are many lizards around here too.  Mostly tiny little creatures, but I have seen one large adult blue-tongue lizard.  Actually, it was here on the front lawn for a few days, and a couple of days later, the next door neighbour rescued it from their pool.  It may have fallen in, as lizards don’t normally swim, and it was stressed when he found it.  Apparently, it survived its ordeal.

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