The Death of My Crochet Hankie

This is quite a sad day for me – as a piece of crochet that I created back in probably 1970 was destroyed in the wash today.  It is a handkerchief – one of the many that I did way back then –  had survived until today.  This morning I dropped it into the wash with some towels, not thinking that it had become delicate.

The good and the, well, damaged.


I remember that around 1970, when we were living in Seaford in Victoria, that I had crochet lessons. The biggest project I remember was that I crocheted a skirt and jacket – which I recall I donated to an op-shop. I also crocheted a “poncho” – they were all the rage around that time.

The old poncho

Recent Crochet

I’ve not done any fine crochet work recently – in fact, all the work I have done has been with 8 ply wool – mainly decorating trees as part of my occasional obsession with yarn bombing.  I have crochet all sorts of silly items for trees.  In fact, I found an article about one of my displays at the Caboolture Historical Village some years ago.  You can read it here.

Doing this sort of crazy knitting and crochet is not something I do during the warm months, but I might just do some in the cooler months.  Meanwhile, I am going to see what I can do with my damaged handkerchief.  I have looked at it and feel I might be able to repair it – just by cutting off the crochet and attaching it to one that has no edging.  I wonder if that will work?

Meanwhile, I will slip into a plastic bag, and when out and about I will try to find a plain hankie – which must be the same size as the damaged one, and then work out how to repair it.  I think cutting off the edge and stitching it – either by hand or machine, it will look good as new again.


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