My New Home – The Toyota Coaster

Yesterday Myrtle, the Toyota Coaster arrived.  I was a bit freaked out.  Have I done the right thing?  I have had moments of freaking out about it all.  I know I had to move from my Beachmere unit – the rent keeps going up and I don’t need the three bedrooms.  I am over mowing the lawns, and have a list of whinges so, it is time to move.  But was getting a Coaster the right thing to do?

My Murtle – Soon to be Home

I have about 5 weeks to move out of my unit – and in that time will have to make a lot of choices.  I clearly have to downsize.  Some things will go in storage, but it is a bit overwhelming making the decisions.

Setting Up the Toyota Coaster

I am going to make it a bit more purple inside.  Outside?  Maybe. My purple cotton sheets – the “fitted” sheet had shrunk and I no longer used it, but I have attacked with scissors and I think I will use the sheets to cover both single beds.  I have some cushions to make it look great.

The mower man came today and I had to move Myrtle – drove it up the street and will take it for a short drive this afternoon, as a guy is going to advise me on a Generator.  When I looked at the prices of them I freaked, but have found one that might be suitable and it is on special.

The Internet is great to do research, but I find things that I don’t want to see too.  Like this Toyota Coaster – complete with flushing toilet. OMG!


It does not fit my budget.  It’s awesome though.


Storage is good – but will I fit my things in it?  So many decisions to make.

There are a lot of unknowns.  Will I really be happy living in it full time?  Will it really be a cheap option for me?  At least I won’t have to pay $650 per fortnight.  And no electricity bills.  How much will it cost in fuel?  So many unanswered questions, but the aim is to make it until the end of the year. Then what?  At the moment I don’t know.

I have had so many comments on Facebook – from friends and those who are members of our great women’s camping group.


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