Things Don’t Always go to Plan.

Leaving Beachmere

When I departed my home of 4 years at Beachmere, I expected to be living in my van.  The Toyota Coaster, that I have owned for several months, and still probably not driven much more than 100 kms.  I’m house sitting at Clayfield.  This opportunity “came out of the blue” just days before the removalist came.  A friend was going overseas, and she hadn’t found anyone to house sit and keep an eye on ageing pussy cat Lulu.    As it turned out, I was available, so Plan A became Plan C.

It did create a challenge or two.  I had packed my things with the view of living in Myrtle.  I had to change all that.  On top of that, I was not happy with the way my belongings were put in the storage at Caboolture, so I chose to move after my first month was up.  I negotiated to hire a shipping container and negotiated with my daughter and family to leave it on their property.  That is where the Coaster is too.  No doubt it is feeling very neglected.

It was a chaotic day when all was removed from the storage unit to the shipping container.  But all is well now.  I hope.

Meanwhile, I had minor surgery, and then the incident at a shopping centre which damaged my car.  Both have required extra time on my behalf, but there is progress.  At least the wound has healed.  I am hoping for resolution of the car event soon.

Ah, the Coaster

As my days at Clayfield are coming to an end, with the return of the home owner/friend on Sunday, I will move into the van.  Hopefully, by then, I will have sorted out the bed.  There are two very narrow “single” beds on either side of the bus.

Too constricting for me, so I have plans to create a double bed.  I have sourced the “mattress”, and the wool mattress topper, so all should be fine.

As well, my granddaughter is completing the new curtains.  Hopefully, they will be finished by next week too.

I will stay in the van for around two weeks, before heading south to the Gold Coast to house sit for my son.  That ends around 1st August.

Ready to go to Alice Springs?

Then all the plans are full steam ahead for the event in Alice Springs.   I am hoping that by then, I will have become more familiar with the Coaster.  I will have spent more nights in it, so should know more of its capabilities.

Around August 10th, I will head inland to Dalby, where hopefully I will meet up with other Rollers heading for Alice Springs.  The Red Centre.

I was in The Alice a few years ago, and I found the Pioneer Women’s Hall of Fame, and after I had left I did some research on one of the exhibits.   Marion Bell was regarded as the first woman to drive around Australia.  I found that there was someone else also claiming to be the first women to drive around Australia.  Catherine Gregson came from Tenterfield in northern New South Wales, but when I contacted their historical society, they knew nothing about it.  I contacted the Hall of Fame and gave them the information that I had.  We did correspond for a short while after that.  A couple of weeks ago I received an email from the Hall of Fame – updating me on the information they had gained.

How wonderful, that I am headed that way in a couple of months.  I look forward to visiting again.

Now, I am hoping that despite things not going to plan over the past month or so, that all is well with my journey into the Red Centre.  Am excited, but just a little hesitant about it all.  What if????  I keep second guessing, but hopefully all well be well.  At least I will be with friends – most of whom I don’t know yet.



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