Travelling Again

I am all packed up ready to go – and have about 45 minutes before my dear neighbour transports me to the train station for my journey on one of the Tilt Trains to Rockhampton.  It is about 6 1/2 hours, but in air conditioned comfort and with friends waiting at the end.

I must say buying the ticket was not easy.  I went to the station where there is a place to buy long distance travel tickets, but it wasn’t open, so I managed to get a brochure and was told to come back any time to the ticket office to get the ticket.  I tried that.  No, the travel office isn’t open.  (I have since learned that it should have been, but there seems to be a disconnect between those working at the station and those working in the travel section – and I won’t bang on about the confusion here).

So I tried to buy my ticket on-line.  I could get some distance into the process but then it just seemed to freeze and lock me out.  I then started emailing the rail travel folk and a series of emails followed with not a lot of progress.  I phoned and listened to long advertisements before someone spoke with me, and then I went through the booking. They did the booking, but as I had to show my concession card I then had to go to the station AGAIN!!  This time I had the Booking No and details, but the bloke said they had done it wrong.  So he had to do it again. Grrrrr.  Anyway I ended up with my ticket – such a saga.   It is cheap on consession – a total of $50Aus instead of $280!!

I am all ready to go.

Meanwhile I might post some photos from my “adventure” yesterday – working at a home (doing my own work) but keeping an eye on her hubby who has occasional fits.  She was elsewhere occupied.  Actually I didn’t mind.  Got some good photos and so much work done as neither my internet or phone worked there.

IMG_4901 IMG_4903 IMG_4905 IMG_4908


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