Ultimate Blog Challenge

I have done this before – but this time I am using my WordPress Blog. ( I am more at home with Blogger)  Mmmm.  I am still learning, and I am 8 days late starting the Challenge, but I will see how it goes.  I am clearly addicted to blogging, though unlike many I don’t use my blogs to generate business, though I may with another one that is on another website about my lifestory writing.

I know I commit to too much.  I am currently working as a volunteer with the Caboolture Historical Village and though I only plan to be there one day a week I tend to do more there and at home as I am now part of the Marketing Team.  There is so much to do – and with plans for a Christmas event, and plans underway for Australia Day on January 26th, I have a full load, plus some writing commitments.

One of the reasons I like volunteering is that as a writer it is a lonely life.  I live alone, and if I write for days on end, I fear I will lose my ability to speak to anyone.  I am not one that talks out loud as I roam my house – in fact have a strong hatred of the chattering to oneself that some people do.  I know that a lot of older folk do it and I hope I don’t!!!  Mind you, I might sometimes speak to Lily – my purple teddy bear that I bought to support the Leukemia Foundation.  Lily travels in my car, and on rare occasions I have reason to speak with her.  Perhaps consoling her after she has falled from the dashboard!!  Or celebating that we have arrived safely at our destination. (Note to self – take a photo of Lily!)

I am working on several projects at the moment – two life stories and a business project, plus my volunteering.

I will keep on keeping on.

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My business card says "Writer, Traveller, Camera Addict, Bamboo Fan, Workshop Presenter." This website will focus on my writing - and the workshops I present. Workshops on Blogging, Marketing for Writers, and Life Story Writing.
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2 Responses to Ultimate Blog Challenge

  1. Hello Di,
    I see we have a couple of things in common, this adds to the attraction to follow you.

    I also love Bamboo, AND I am also as many days late.

    I hope you keep up with your blogging, the more you do it, the easier it becomes and the more ideas that will come to you. I enjoyed reading your musings about life as a writer and your volunteer work.

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