University Scam for Chinese Students

A friend sent me a link to an article about Chinese students being dealt with at Wollongong University for paying someone to write their essays.  I am not surprised.

It was something that I learned was rife in China when I was there in 2009 and 2010.  I have a DVD about Chairman Mao where he says that cheating is ok, and it seems that it is hard for people to stop it, though I doubt if the Chinese are the only ones that do it.

I recall some incidents when I was there.  I failed a student who had not turned up at class, done no homework, and had not attended the mid semester and end of semester tests.  I was called to the head of the faculty and asked to explain the zero mark.  Despite explaining that I didn’t even know the student as he had never attended class, and refusing to alter my marks, I was told in a begging sort of way that “he was a good student and his father was very generous to the university.”  I feel sure the marks would have been altered – and not by me!

I was also asked to “read” an assignment supposedly done by a senior member of staff for an English language qualification.  I read it and thought it all absurd as I understood little of it.  I was also sure he didn’t do it.  It was an email – someone had torn off the top – the to and from sections.  There were a couple of pages about the English letter “double u” – which of course I don’t think we would use that to describe “w”.  He was not impressed with my report.

The article about Wollongong University is here

And it is not just happening in Australia – I suspect it is a world wide problem with Chinese nationals and others.  ((Note this was only published in the last 24 hours)




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