Remember Warrnambool

I didn’t have a lot of time to explore Warrnambool as I had to get to Mt Gambier, which was only a two hour drive, enabling me to spend some time driving around Warrnambool, Allansford and Port Fairy.

The last house in which we lived in Warrnambool had been demolished and a commercial building was in its place, but I drove further to the first place we lived after we were married, overlooking the Warrnambool Botanical Gardens.  The road had changed so I had to circumnavigate the Gardens to access the road.  The unit block is a miserable place now.  Perhaps due for demolition and replacement in the not too distant future.


We lived in the upstairs unit.

I had a friend who had moved to Allansford – I drove to the Cheese Factory, and told one of the staff members, and she sent me to the General Store in Allansford and sure enough BH was still living there.  I was unable to find her though.

The Warrnambool Cheese Factory has an impressive history – starting out in 1881.  Cheese World at Allansford is across the road from the impressive factory, and houses a Museum featuring not only the milk story, but other historical details of the area, a cafe, and a shop full of milk products and other locally made foods.


Cheese World at Allansford


The Old Fletcher Jones property at Warrnambool


Down by the Beach at Warrnambool


The Surf Beach – Beware the Rocks



Port Fairy docks

I spent quite a bit of time there, before heading back to Warrnambool and visiting the gardens of the old Fletcher Jones Factory, the main shopping area of Warrnambool, and the beach before heading for Port Fairy.

Fletcher Jones  no longer has a factory there, and now houses a Market.  When we lived there it was a thriving clothing factory –  which started in 1924, and I think these days the clothing is made overseas and sold on line.  See here. 

I drove around Port Fairy – again it was raining  so I did not stay long, but after a quick look headed west.

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