Warwick – Jumpers and Jazz 2019

To Warwick Again

Jumpers and Jazz is an annual festival in country Warwick.  I love visiting the town at this time of year.

I’ve lost count of the times I have passed through the southern Queensland town of Warwick.  It was always where we stopped after leaving Brisbane years ago, on our family trips to Melbourne or Adelaide.  (My folks were in Adelaide, and my husband’s folks were in Melbourne.)

We always stopped just short of the town, had a slice of, home-made by me, pastie pie.  In the early days, there was no air conditioning in the car, and it was usually summer, it was a long hot journey.  We put the two little ones in the back of the station wagon, with pillow and blankets and a little medical assistance to sleep, before heading south.  We did not always stop anywhere, but with two drivers, just kept going.

Jazz and Jumpers – Visit Two

J and J

A seat in the town

A few years ago, I visited Warwick for their famous festival on my own.  I remember staying at Aratula – some distance from Warwick, where a massive storm hit overnight.  This time I found accommodation in Warwick, and originally booked for myself just for one night.  It was my birthday, and I thought with the rest of the family busy working, I’d probably be on my own, so thought I’d enjoy the festival.

And Then There Were Two

A couple of weeks ago, daughter Janet decided to come with me.  So I booked another room at the motel.  I drove my little red car.  Janet’s car was in its death throes, so with the car packed, I collected her from her home at Hemmant and off we went.

Whenever we mention going to Warwick at this time of the year, the inevitable comment about the cold eventuated.  We prepared.  We had our heavy jackets, though we knew that the weather forecast was not for very cold weather. The skies were blue, there was no wind, and we will happily tell anyone who asks, that we didn’t need to rug up.

We had brunch when we arrived and wandered the main street looking at the various exhibits.

A Warwick tree decoration.

In Warwick

Tree Decor

Unusual Tree Decor









We visited the Warwick Art Gallery.  They always have an awesome display and we were not disappointed.

In the Gallery

Jumpers and Jazz

At the Gallery

Recycled Plastics

Afternoon Adventures

We booked into the motel early in the afternoon, as Janet had some work commitments, and we both had a short snooze before setting out again to explore.

Then another wander around late in the afternoon.  We thought we had missed “The Art Hub” as it closed at 4 pm, but sometime after we drove past and saw that there were people there, so we did a u-turn and walked in.  As it turns out it was the members of the Warwick Art Guild, enjoying wine and nibbles, and we were invited to join them.    We of course did!!

Janet told them it was my birthday, and within minutes they presented me with a signed card, with greetings!!  We did have a lot of laughs with the lovely members.  And we did enjoy looking at the artworks.  Certainly some very clever folk here in Warwick!

In the Pop Up Gallery

Warwick Art Guild Works

We had dinner at Clippers Bar and Grill – an enjoyable evening.  Later we went back to the motel for a glass or two of wine, and an early night.

Last Day in Warwick

We had breakfast at the Bluebird Bar and Grill and then wandered parts of town that we had missed before.  A little shopping and we were on our way back to Brisbane.



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