What Was Lost is Found

Travel Souvenirs

I’ve just moved into a new unit north of Brisbane – much smaller than my previous accommodation.

It gives me an opportunity to look at some of the many souvenirs I have from my travels.

One small item had been lost, but now is found.  This special item is a small purple folding shopping bag which when not in use has its own little bag.  The large bag had been holding some paperwork from a Writing Group of which I am a member. A couple of days ago, a fellow member and I sorted out the paperwork and as a result, my purple bag was free!  I could put it in its little bag, and keep it in my car as I had done before.  But where was it?

First of all, I must tell you about the bag.  I bought it in Shanghai, at a wonderful supermarket and department store near the centre of the city, and near the apartment where I like to stay when in that city.

Chinese Supermarkets

There are a couple of wonderful supermarkets in Shanghai.  I don’t go to spend money, although I have been known to part with my Yuan for some food, but generally I am passing through.  I just love the way the store is set up.  They have little stalls within the supermarket promoting various foods and items.  There are usually one or two young ladies behind the counter, and you can seek further information or sometimes sample the food.

These Chinese Stores are usually much brighter than our Aussie models, and I just love exploring them.  This chain is in Shanghai, Taipei, and Hong Kong.

Where is the Bag?

I’d put it aside a couple of days earlier, as I knew I could use it again. But when I went to get it, I couldn’t find it.  Over the next 24 hours I’d look in various places in the hope of finding it, and almost gave up.  Then I found it.

So the big bag and the little bag are back together.  So neat and small – much easier than carting some of the big supermarket bags!








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