Where is the Hills Hoist?

I love a Hills Hoist clothesline.  I like the idea of putting my washing on the line in the middle of the back lawn so that the sun and wind do their good work on drying and refreshing my washing.

Sadly, with smaller house and land properties, the new clotheslines are these days attached to the side of the house, or fence, with limited sun and wind access.  Also, I find with larger items e.g. bedsheets and towels, that if there is a wind they flap against the wall/fence. 

The Hills Hoist, an iconic Australian product was created in Adelaide, South Australia (my hometown) back in 1945.

I remember when we moved into our new home in 1948, which my father built, we had a clothesline which consisted of a wire stretched from one pole to another, with a third pole used to push the wire higher after the washing was pegged onto it.  In those days there were no plastic pegs – we used the wooden dolly pegs.

It was probably 5 – 10 years before Dad put a rotary Hills Hoist in the backyard.  They were much easier for a lady to manage.  They would be installed in the middle of the backyard/lawn area, with plenty of access to the sunshine.  The top of the Hills Hoist was such that it could spin in the wind, accelerating the drying process.

Over the years, dolly pegs were cast aside for the cheaper and easier to use plastic pegs, and there are a myriad of styles.  I’d like to go back to the more environmentally friendly wooden dolly pegs. 

Wooden dolly pegs - used more for craft since plastic pegs became fashionable.
Dolly Pegs at Officeworks (Image from Officeworks website)

Dolly pegs are still available in a range of stores, but I know you can buy these at Officeworks for around $A4.50 and these days are more likely to be used as craft items.

Here are some pics of a range of dolly peg craft items.

The modern Hills Hoist is lighter and more modern looking than the old one that graced our backyard for years. New models can be easily removed so that if there’s no washing, children can play in the yard.

Modern Hills Hoist from the Hills Hoist Website

In most of my recent house sits, there has only been one Hills Hoist.  The rest of them have been attached to the wall or fence of the house.  I would rather have  Hills Hoist.


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