Why Blog? Why Do I Do it?

Why Blog?

Strangely no one ever asks me.  The main reason is I like writing.  I use my blogs (and I have several) to report on my adventures and there are many of those as I travel, and I like to share ideas too.

Do I Sell Anything?

Nope.  Not at this stage anyway.  I have been working for a long time on some stories, but so far they only live in my computer.  I do have one Affiliate Link – to Grammarly, which I like to use (though occasionally get frustrated with it!).  It is like a GPS – sometimes I want to go in a direction which is opposite to what my GPS is suggesting.  I often link to one of my articles in Weekend Notes.


My first blog started when I travelled to Ireland in 2005.  I was new to blogging but so many of my friends wanted me to email them on my travels.  I thought blogging was the way to go.  It caused my quite a number of challenges as those it was not so easy to get onto the Internet.  I would have to go into Internet Cafe’s – and I had some adventures in those.  But I did it.  When I went to China in 2008, it really started blogging in earnest, and the rest, as one could say, “is history”.


There is a lot about my Chinese adventures, from my first visit in 2008, to my last visit in 2016.  Three of my visits have been to teach at a university in Shaoxing. Others have been to visit friends, or just explore on my own.  In 2009 I went to South Korea to teach too.


Rita – the Bride at one of the Wedding Events. I blogged about the wedding.


Reflections at Cixi, China. More photos in my Blog.


I have been fortunate to travel quite a lot around Australia.  In the early days it was to visit my parents in Adelaide (2000 kms each way), or my then husband’s parents in Melbourne (1600 kms each way).  I can’t recall how many times we did that!!

As a sales representative I travelled around Queensland and northern New South Wales as part of my job – driving solo, which I enjoy, especially these days as I am a “camera addict”.  I stop frequently to take photos.  I recall taking our two children on a driving holiday to the north of Queensland too, quite a few years ago.

However, my biggest adventure was in 2012/13.  After completing my Masters at Swinburne University, I set off on a solo trip around Australia, clocking up some 35500 kms over five months.

I am currently in the planning stages of a long drive to Melbourne, across the Tasman Sea on the Spirit of Tasmania, around Tasmania, then back to Melbourne and across to Adelaide – a trip of around 6000 kms.

So, the blog continues.

Oh, and one day I might have something to sell from my site. You never know.

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