Women Helping Women

Shebah – Women Helping Women Get Home Safely

I am not a regular taxi or Uber passenger, as I use my own car for most journeys I wish to take, and I did know about Shebah, a ride-sharing program that helps women get home safely.

Today ( July 21st, ’18) there is a huge article about Shebah in the QWeekend magazine within Brisbane’s Courier Mail.

One day I might get to ride in one, as I am sure my car driving days are numbered (though I don’t think it’s going to be soon), and I shall use this service.  I found the article someone alarming to read – but in a way, there are no surprises for me.

Men being Men

Sadly, there are too many men who don’t understand that sometimes their behaviour is often very offensive to women.  So many women are the victims of men, who don’t understand that harassing women, such as trying to indulge in unwanted sex, kissing or touching inappropriately, is illegal!!   Some don’t even see rape as illegal.  so many women are affected by this behaviour, and when they are alone, such as in a taxi or Uber, they are at greater risk.  The stories in the article do not surprise me.  I have been on the receiving end of this sort of abuse on more than one occasion.

Even with the #MeToo movement has highlighted the issue and this website details so many stories.

Continued Domestic Violence

There is so much domestic violence occurring – and I think we only hear about the tip of the iceberg.  The number of women killed by their husband or partners continues – there are so many reported.

Women are becoming more empowered to speak up, but as I have found, sometimes even family members don’t believe your story.  And going to the police is often hard, especially if there is no hard evidence.  It’s your word against his without a witness or evidence.

Women Helping Women

We are good at it.  In so many ways.  I love it that Shebah sees its role in helping women – not only getting them home safe but offering them an opportunity to earn good money as well.

Women help women

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I am working with a group of women helping women get into secure, safe, comfortable, permanent housing.  I know women help women and look forward to one day having a ride in a Shebah.

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